Young Woman Is Given Title to a Car While Working at Sonic

Originating post by Meliss Diane

A young woman with three kids was shocked when one day a regular customer of hers at Sonic dropped her the title to a car. “Straight up can’t believe it!” posted Melissa Diane on Facebook.

When messaged she confirmed the story, “Yep car runs perfect and yes it’s real lol this guy comes to eat every day and knows how hard I work and that I work two jobs and he straight up just gave me the keys and title ! I was so surprised and in shock.”

She said she told her main corporate boss who happened to be in town, “How do I report a car as a tip? Lol.” She added, “I’m engaged with three kids my husband works as well we work very hard to support our family it’s been a long journey I’m a recovering addict will be 4 years clean in September and people I know admire how hard I try and work.”

“I’ve been so rewarded in life ever since i made the decision to get clean! I am beyond grateful! I’ve always hoped that my story would some day help someone get into recovery! I’m so grateful my motto in life and something I live by on a daily is “ you do good and good things will happen to you.”

Melissa and her family
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