Story by Jenny Paulson – There’s no doubt about it. Locals in Pueblo know their Pueblo version of mexican-spanish food and they are loyal to many establishments all over town, and especially the ones that have unique niches, like this small take-out that has passed the Puebloean test and will make you feel like you are dining in Mexico!

Tortilla Delicious is a local staple, located at 926 S Santa Fe Avenue in a plain old metal building, which you might be apt to drive by, not even noticing it’s there. But next time you are in the area, stop in and grab some take-out, cooked and served by a charming family that knows little English – including a bag of their most raved about fresh flour tortillas.

Flour tortillas are native to Mexico, and in part, because Pueblo has so many people who’ve relocated here, tortillas served with a variety of Mexican meals are very popular here. You an find meals with tortillas all over town, but locals who know their authentic Mexican food, say the ones cooked at Tortilla Delicioso are the closest to the ones home-made in Mexico that you can get.

One regular customer raved in an online review, “A connoisseur can tell the difference in flavor and texture; what makes the difference in is the quality of prime materials for the mixture – still, you will NOT get better tortillas in all of Pueblo County.”

Someone else said, “Clean, quick, fresh, and probably the best, if not, the only tortilla factory in town that make tortillas which very closely resemble the kind of tortillas you would line up for in Mexico.”

How does Tortilla Delicias they make their tortillas at their little factory? I found out that they have a dough baller that measures out their special mix of dough into a specified weight. Then they drop the balls through a dough press that flattens them out. A tortilla cooker cooks them and a conveyor runs them through an oven.

Tortilla Delicias is a take-out food only at this place, where you’ll wait in their traditionally small customer waiting area, just like in Mexico. They sell some of the best burritos in town (Pueblo-style, with “bomb” green or red Chile and packed with with lots of meat) for just $3.25 each. You can also purchase delicious barbacoa, asado, chile verde, green chile, chicharrones and covitas de pavo by the lb or lt- as well as tamales by the dozen.
One the weekends at Tortilla Delicioso, you can take out muendo and carnitas as well.

Be sure to take a fresh bag of dozen “best you can buy for the price” flour tortillas home (or corn tortillas sold by the lb), to cook your own version of Mexican meals at home. They are hands down better than store bought versions, made right, and a little thicker than the standard supermarket versions. They are healthier. They are cheap (and locals know to buy bags to freeze, along with a dozen or more of their to-go tamales, which can be heated up by being steamed at home for later meals).

Use their tortillas to make your own tacos, enchiladas, other Mexican meals, or grab them as snacks. To cook their tortillas, heat up a skillet or coral to medium-high temperature. Cook the first one until you see bubbles forming (ideally in 45-60 seconds). If it takes too long to bubble, raise the temperature of the stove, and if too fast, lower the temperature. When you see light brown spots, flip it and cook it the same length of time on the other side. Then cook up a batch and enjoy with family and friends!

After you grab your burrito, and other specialities, with a bag of fresh tortillas in hand, be sure to say “gracias” to the owner’s who’s primary language is Spanish – a thank you for adding to the cultural diversity and food scene here in Pueblo, a town where much of our authentic local food can’t be found anywhere else!

Tortilla Delicias is located at 926 S Santa Fe Ave, Pueblo, CO 81006. They are open Monday through Friday except Wednesday 6 am to 7 pm and Saturday and Sunday 6 am to 5pm.

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