Rose Ann DiSanti’s Old School Chile Rellenos Smothered in Green Chile

Rose Ann DiSanti at the farm

Rose Ann DiSanti is kin to the fifth-generation Italian family that grows over two dozen vegetables and 20 or so varieties of Pueblo chiles, at the DiSani farm that dates back to 1890, located just outside of Pueblo in the County. DiSanti Farms is one of the biggest in the Pueblo area, and while they serve local and visiting customers with a seasonal market, their primary commercial business is selling their products to chain grocery stores like Walmart, King Soopers and Safety stores.

Locally grown chiles

If you want to do what the locals do, head to DiSanti Farms and buy a bushel of green chiles every fall and then put them in quart-sized freezer bags to thaw them out as you need them for a variety of recipes including this one.

Chile Rellanos, a dish in Mexican cuisine that originated in the city of Puebla, are made with smoky Poblanos peppers, stuffed with melty cheese in light airy batter and then deep fried. If you want to make your own Chile Relanos and turn them into a meal, serve them with sides like Mexican rice, refried Beans and a few chips with guacamole.

Chile Rellanos are a popular appetizer at Pueblo-style restaurants and with some street vendors and used to be sold at the small restaurant/kitchen at DiSanti Farms. But, its now it’s been turned into a popularly gourmet cake and catering business managed by Jayme DiSanti, the owner of Sweet Life Bake Shop. In the summer months and during the busy Chile roasting season, they instead have food trucks serving appetizers and meals.

Here, Rose Ann DiSanti shares her own Chile Rellenos with Green Chile recipe.

Rose Ann DiSanti’s Chile Rellanos

8-10 mild or hot roasted chiles (Poblano, Anehiem or Pueblo Chile are preferred) 
6 eggs
8 string cheese or other cheese

Green Chile

2 T flour
2 T garlic
1 Lb lean pork, cut in cubes
2 T oil
1-8 oz can chopped tomatoes or three fresh Colorado tomatoes
4 cups of water (or less if you want the Chile thicker)

To make the green Chile, cook pork until done. Remove pork from the pan. Add flour to oil and brown. Chop Chile, garlic and tomatoes together. Add to flour mixture with pork. Add water to desired consistence. Simmer while making rellanos.

To make the Relanos, roast and peel the Chiles. Cut small slit in each Chile next to stem, do not remove stem. Stuff Chiles with cheese. Coat Chiles with flour. Separate egg whites and beat until stiff. Fold in three of the egg yolks being careful not to break down the whites. Dip Chile in egg whites until coated and fry in hot oil until golden brown and cheese is melted. Smother with green Chile and enjoy.

To learn more about the DiSanti farm, like their page on Facebook.

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