A variety of Pexpeppers Hot Sauces
Garrett Peck, CEO of PexPeppers

By Jenny Paulson – A business owner, his family and their hot sauce company PexPeppers, founded in Pennsylvania, moved to to live in our city, nationally known for our chilies, and released in mid-2017 their first locally produced “I’m So Chili” roasted Pueblo sauce, to go with the transition. Since then they’ve been expanding their line of hot sauces, most made with Musso Farms chile from Pueblo County.

The I’m So Chile label on the sauce says this brand of hot sauce features the best fire roasted Pueblo chiles: “When you pour this on your burger and fries you will be brought to a land of sweet and savory Pueblo chili flavor. Now you can experience the flavor of Pueblo, Colorado in every meal.”

When Garrett Peck, owner of the company said, “I moved my family and hot sauce company from Pennsylvania here to Pueblo just so I could make a Pueblo chile featured hot sauce! I believe in this chile so much, I went to Musso Farms to get them direct from the source!”

Pexpeppers hot sauces are made with 100 percent all-natural ingredients with at least 50 percent chilies. The company also creates a variety of jellies, seeds and more, which have raving reviews on Facebook and throughout the web.

Peck says his passion has always been spicy foods and that each of his recipes, ingredients and products have been meticulously researched for an unrivaled taste in each sauce. Most of the ingredients in the products are sustainably farmed here locally.

PexPeppers ships anywhere in the world and you can buy their products at the following local and regional locations:

Cindy’s Seasonings and More, 951 Hwy 50, Galleria Shopping Center, Pueblo, CO 81008, 719-271-9957

Rockee’s Restaurant & Bar 123 N Main Street, Pueblo, CO 81003; 719-569-7792

Seabells Gourmet Shop & Boutique, 105 W C St, Pueblo, CO 81003, 719-543-2400

Buffalo Ridge Trading Post, 2430 W Colorado Ave, Colorado Springs, CO 80904; 719-578-8500

Some of PexPepper’s hot sauces are not for the faint at heart. One hot sauce called Atom Splitter “is so hot you will swear all the atoms in you are breaking apart!” This hot sauce is bursting with the flavor chiles and tropical fruits such as guava and mango, backed with a sweet dose of agave nectar, and goes especially great with chicken and vegetarian dishes.

Peck says that this sauce is to be “consumed responsibly” and although it may seem like a joke, but it’s not, that “PexPeppers is NOT liable for ANY misuse of this sauce.”

Here is Peck live at the “PexPeppers Hot Pepper Gusher Challenge” at the Pueblo Chili Festival 2017, on a youtube video.

There are also some amazing reviews of PexPeppers on their website, Facebook page and throughout the web, from people all over the country and even world, who follow PexPeppers.

You can find out more about PexPeppers at their website and order direct through them or other websites including GuldenBites – and like them on their Facebook page:



Photos include PexPeppers “I’m So Chili” Roasted Pueblo Chili Sauce, PexPepper’s CEO Garrett Peck at his “Gusher Challenge” at the Chili Festival 2017, and a variety of PexPeppers chili sauces.

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