Mexican Street Food Doubles As Art at Lonchera Patamban

Pina Loca

Story by Jenny Paulson – If you haven’t stopped at the food truck that is located downtown at 2101 Santa Fe Drive most afternoons, you’re missing out on some serious Authentic Mexican eats, including traditional summer treats that natives of Mexico know all about.

The Lonchera Patamban food truck is one of the few places in Pueblo where you can find a big, colorful concoction called Pina Loca, which means “Crazy Pinapple,” popular throughout Mexico and food cities like LA that have had an influx of Mexicans.

If you haven’t tried it, it’s a perfect snack for hot days – made with a combination of fresh tropical fruits, served from a hallowed-out pineapple.The treat may seem strange to gringos as chili powder is a part of the ingredients mixed into the artfully sliced fruit, but it’s a tradition for Mexicans and you may find you like it, or you can ask them to omit it. It’s also drizzled with chamoy, a Mexican savory fruit sauce and sprinkled with tajin, a chili lime salt, common in Mexican recipes.

This local food truck makes their Pina Local art, with fresh fruit treat, sliced and diced in different ways, dressed up with traditional Mexican spices. They also have other authentic Mexican treats including fresh aquas (flavored water), fruit cups, and other fruit based desserts.

This family owned mobile kitchen serves delicious homemade enchilidas, tacos, tortas, carnitas, carne asada, Mexican street corn and other traditional Mexican food. Be on the lookout for them downtown and stop and try their delicious food!

Photos of the Lonchera Patamban Pina Loca, the family and their truck.

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