Story by Jenny Paulson – Nobody could’ve predicted how popular food trucks would become when they began trending on the culinary scene in the United States. Now mobile kitchens that offer unique dining experiences are a hot commodity in foods cities, including here in Pueblo, which has an impressive 30 or so trucks.

The trend hows no signs of slowing down here locally, in fact local food truck companies are are the rise, seen increasingly at parking lots, breweries, special events, markets and festivals. Like elsewhere in the U.S., taco trucks and other street fare are becoming the preferred alternative to grabbing food at quick-serve restaurants up the block.

That’s because many enjoy the adventure of eating at locally owned food trucks that offer a gourmet twist on quick food. A national survey asked patrons of food trucks where they would have eaten if the food truck option wasn’t available. The results? About half said that would have obtained their food or drink from a fast food restaurant, 20 percent would have just skipped the meal. This same trend is happening here locally, where unique food served by local chefs provide a major creative step up from the chains.

Time-strapped customers like the convenience, low-cost and availability of “interesting” fresh foods, such as the most common street foods served here: speciality treats, sandwiches, salads, burgers, sloppers, fries, subs, tacos, burritos, although many foods are exotic, including gourmet burgers, vegan sandwiches, ethic foods, sides and desserts.

Here in Pueblo you can get a huge variety of home-cooked meals at our over 30 mobile kitchens. Although one popular truck has a regular location with a long gourmet list of gourmet food, most local trucks have small menus and specialize in signature meals, with unique items at each truck.

Most change their locations and operate seasonally, but they all provide year-round on-the-go catering services to supplement their business so you’ll see the chefs from local food trucks at luncheons, charity galas, business meetings, grand openings, weddings and other events.

If you’ve never eaten at a food truck before, you’re doing yourself a disservice. You’ll enjoy the atmosphere, selection and types of food that you might not find elsewhere. So, the next time you see a food truck, stop on by. You might just enjoy one of the best meals in town, and by choosing local, help diversify our our town’s economic base and image as a food city.

Photo of Kitchenworks Onthego, which also owns a Big Jake BBQ business.

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