This drive up restaurant, photographed here, served burgers, hot dogs, sandwiches, ice cream, sodas and beer, in the 1950s and 1960s was a Pueblo icon and legend.

Two of their menu items were most famous to locals, including the “Thing” sandwich which was made with a hamburger patty, BBQ sauce (the owner Harry’s own recipe) American cheese on a quality bun, then grilled like a cheese sandwich.

The SOB was made with Italian sausage, Harry’s BBQ sauce and a hoagie bun.

Many locals have tried to recreate Joker’s famous sandwiches and burgers at home, including Maribeth Peters who commented at a post on the popular Facebook page, Pueblo, Colorado,…Are You from there, Back in the “DAY?” her version:

“I always make a similar sandwich. I cook a hamburger patty. I then cook onions. I then make what is a grilled cheese sandwich, but with the hamburger and onions inside, with a little mustard.”

This subject originated by a post by Linda Allenbach who asked, “Is there anyone that has the recipe for “The Thing” sandwich from the Joker? And, would you share? I know we will never have another Joker S.O.B., however, someone might have “The Thing” recipe?”

The restaurant was located on North Elisabeth Avenue. A huge “Eat” sign was on top of the restaurant writing on the building saying “Joker Curb Service,” “Hungry? Stop Here” and “Walter’s Pilsner Beer.”

Originating post – Photos from a google search and Jim Simmons, admin of the Facebook group, Pueblo, Colorado,…Are You from there, Back in the “DAY?”.

Story by Jenny Paulson / Pueblo Independent –

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