Gov Polis Update: Colorado Surpassed 300 Covid-19 Deaths / New Face Mask Contest / Future Changes

April 13, 2020 – Gov. Jared Polis announced at a 12:15 pm press conference April 13th, that there have been 304 deaths in Colorado so far. He said his office is reporting all data as quickly as it comes in, including more reliable information about hospital treatment time, patient releases and overall outcomes soon.

Gov Polis says aggressive containment, testing, treatment and the protection of health care workers are key. He has authorized the National Guard to set up more testing locations throughout the state, with funding provided by President Donald Trump, who authorized that Colorado be declared a National Disaster recently.

He spoke about how parents can talk to their children about making and wearing creative masks to help protect them from Covid-19, which can be made at home. He introduced the launching of the Colorado Face Mask Design Challenge, a contest encouraging kids to create their own masks, with guidelines at Polis said that creations by Colorado youth will be posted at the website, on Facebook and may be replicated by companies.

Gov Polis introduced Margaret Hunt of Colorado Creative Industries, who encouraged kids to use various materials with bright colors to create unique masks to cover their noses and mouths for protection. Designs can be photographed and submitted to the Colorado Face Mask Challenge for review, she said.

The governor addressed homelessness and discouraged massive sites to house those without residences. He said officials are encouraging use of hotels rather than homeless shelters where Covid-19 may spread. If necessary, he said the National Guard could get involved to ensure the safety of our communities.

Gov. Polis said many Coloradans are doing the best they can to stay at home, including himself, who has two children of his own. He said the more children and families stay at home to help prevent the spread of Covid-19 at this time, the shorter the stay at home duration will be and the sooner we can get back to our regular lives.

He said more residents of Colorado would have been effected by Covid-19 if strong steps weren’t taken as quickly as possibly – and that we need to “keep it up,” staying at home, limiting social activity as much as possible during this critical time.

As for the April 26th date that may change the governor’s stay-at-home and other orders orders, he will announce several days before any changes coming from his office in the form of orders.

Gov Polis said as our state opens back up, there will likely be specific outbreaks in different parts of the state and that there will be a targeted approach to isolate and threat those at various sites, rather than having a continued huge economic shutdown.

He expressed a concern for the elderly and nursing homes, places where the virus has spread to the most vulnerable population. He said it’s key to reducing the risk of spreading Covid-19, is regularly testing temperatures and making sure people aren’t going to work sick at nursing homes.

Story by Jenny Paulson / Independent Journalist

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