Someone posted at the popular FB page, “Pueblo, Colorado,…Are You from there, Back in the “DAY?” asking if anyone had the recipe for Frazzlin’s, which was served at D60s schools in the 1960s and those from the day remembered but couldn’t come up with a recipe.

Finally… drum roll… Sally Kelly, posted that she had the original Frazzlin’ recipe (google it and there’s no such thing elsewhere) and here it is, “Someone asked for this, and my mom got it for me after I graduated from Centennial. She taught at Freed and South, and one of the cooks got it for her!” Read the note, that this recipe was enlarged 1,032 times to feed school kids!”

What are Frazzlin’s that school kids enjoyed back then? Well locals started describing them as “they seemed like they were just broken up lasagna noodles.”

“The noodles used at Centennial were strips of what might have been Lasagna noodles? — Ha! Maybe that was their version of Lasagna.”

I’ve “attempted to recreate Frazzlin’s. It is an enjoyable dish, however, the Frazzlin’ flavor is missing.”

“…the unique flavor and the wider noodle made the Frazzlin’ unique.”

“If anyone has that Frazzlin’ recipe they should burn it immediately…”

“When we had them they were about 1″1/2 long round noodle. I have never seen that type of noodle at the store.”

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