Big Lou’s Amazing Sandwiches and Tacos (BLAST): Hawaiian, Mexican and Cuban Food Unique to Pueblo

Story by Jenny Paulson – Big Lou’s Amazing Sandwiches & Tacos (BLAST) is a food truck that doesn’t have a whole lot of menu items to choose from, but the meals they have are special and unique to Pueblo, especially two meals made with authentic Hawaiian style pork called Kalua, that you wouldn’t expect to find in Pueblo.

If you haven’t tried Kalua before, it’s a Hawaiian specialty. In its true form, it is a pit-roasted pig, liberally sprinkled with Hawaiian sea salt, that smokes lightly under a cover of banana leaves. But health regulations don’t allow such cooking in the U.S., so the oven-roasted variation evolved using involving foil-covered pork shoulder (commonly referred to as the “butt”) with special salt and liquid smoke.

Louis Leroy Torres aka “Big Lou,” the owner of this local truck, serves his delicately flavored strands of mouthwatering, moist pork meat inside of Kalua Pork Tacos and Cuban style Kalu-Ban Sandwiches. He gets a high marks for value as the Hawaiian style Kalua Pork Tacos (in a corn tortilla with cheese, salsa and french’s fried onions) and Cuban style Kalu-Ban Sandwiches (pork, tavern ham, swiss cheese, mustard and pickles), both made with Kalua pork, are priced right – tacos are only $3 ($2 on Taco Tuesdays), and you can enjoy the Cuban sandwich for just $6.

Meaty Cuban style sandwiches like Lou’s Kalu-Ban Sandwich have been popped up on menus all over the country too, with roots in Florida, where the first waves of Cubans immigrated. Such sandwiches like the one served here at Lou’s, are made crusty bread, lightly smushed and toasted on a panini press, were was considered a cheap lunch for the working man at first by now they are practically a delicacy at the best Cuban sandwich shops.

Other then these unique two Hawaiian and Cuban delicacies, you can also try the more traditional to Pueblo, Green Chile Chicken Tacos (once again $3 each or $2 on Tuesdays), a Beef Pot Roast Taco or a Pot Roast French Dip with sides such as kettle chips or rice. The chef just created a new sandwich that he hasn’t named, so stay tuned as he unveils it.

BLAST is not just a food truck, there’s also often a bus nearby where you can eat indoors. Lou’s truck is often parked downtown (at 6th and Elisabeth) but he switches it up between Pueblo and Pueblo West so keep an eye on his Facebook page.

Story by Jenny Paulson / Pueblo Independent / Authentic Pueblo Eats / Pueblo Food Truck Scene / Pueblo Scene

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