Pueblo’s Born and Raised Leroy Garcia is Acting as Colorado Governor!

Leroy Garcia posted Thursday morning on Facebook: “One of the perks of being Senate President is that you not only get to run the Senate, but sometimes even the state! With Governor Jared Polis and Lieutenant Governor Dianne Primavera traveling, I am proud to serve the people of Colorado as acting Governor.”

He is the first hispanic president of the Senate ever and what a great seat for him to test out, as maybe he’ll move on to be Governor one day! Garcia grew up on the East Side. He served in the United States Marine Corps and was deployed to Iraq. He obtained a degree in emergency medical services from Pueblo Community College, a bachelor’s in management from the University of Phoenix and a master’s degree in organizational management from Ashford University in Clinton, Iowa.

He is a former member of the Pueblo City council. Garcia was elected to represent the 46th District in 2012 Colorado House of Representatives elections. He defeated Republican candidate Jerry Denney by a 61-39 margin.

The 2018 Colorado State Senate Elections saw Democrats taking a 19-16 majority in the Colorado Senate, while Senator Garcia was reelected by a 74-26 margin against Libertarian candidate John Pickerill.

This new majority enabled a Democratic government trifecta in Colorado State Government for the first time since the 2014 Legislative session. The Democratic caucus unanimously selected Senator Garcia as its leader. With the beginning of the 2019 Legislative Session, Garcia begun to serve as President of the Colorado Senate.

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