Pueblo Crime & Safety: There’s Power in Numbers and Teamwork

Pueblo Crime and Safety, up to almost 14,000 Facebook group members shows how united Pueblo really is. One of the group’s questions is “Why are you interested in joining this group and how can you contribute to our goals of reducing violence and crime in Pueblo?” Answers:

keeping people aware, especially with everything going on right now and maintaining safety and looking out for each other.

this community needs more kindness and team work
Awareness. Having access to information and sharing this information can reduce the chance of becoming a victim.

I teach Criminology and American Problems. I spend time in the community working with groups to create positive change

I’m interested I have family members in Pueblo I’m concerned about thier safety

help make Pueblo great again

I believe this kind of way of receiving information is by far better than that of T.V.

Living in Pueblo and raising a family I want it to be as safe as possible. The more eyes and ears we have on the ground can help make a difference.

Interested because we just bought a house in the area and reduce violence by speaking up whenever suspicious activity is occurring

I own a business located in the Bessemer area called SOCO Tactical Laser Tag! Take pride in mentoring kids during our events to be better and do better for our community! Also host tons of events to give back to the youth!

i am a pueblo native and i have always wished for a safer pueblo,so i absolutely love the idea of your group and will do my best to contribute whenever possible.

Because I want to be kept informed on the crime around my city and seek help on how I can help and make a difference in my life

identify and help find individuals doing crime and speed awareness.

To be informed about by community and I contribute by being the best civilian I can be for my community and surroundings.

to be aware of what is going on in my community and to be an advocate to inform or share information to help prevent crime

Lived here my entire life and I want it to be the good place it is to raise families

As a citizen of Pueblo I feel like it is up to us to know what is going on and do what we can when we can make it better
report any crime I witness and be a more peaceful and loving person

want to know activity through out town, put input in on things, and let people know about things or people I see
to spread information about what happens in it and joining in the discussion about solutions This is our community.

Everyone should be helping

I serve as a Neighborhood Watch Captain as organized by Pueblo PD. Thank you!

I’m a business owner, I want to see the best for my city. social media police are the reason for crime slowly coming down.

I’m a concerned Pueblo resident who wants to make our community better.

I can help watch my neighborhood and report crime and help people that need help

I’m in EMS and I see the violence of the city, I always want to help where I grew up

I am interested in joining this group to stay up to date on anything & everything possible pertaining to my neighborhood. I can contribute by watching the neighbors house’s & also by passing on pertinent/important information.

I am saddened by the amount of crimes commited in Pueblo. I belong to my neighborhood watch, and I know there is more to do.

the reason why I want to this group is I wish we can stop the bad thing going on in Pueblo

I have decided to make Pueblo my home and am interested in the content of this page and to learn how I can contribute to the betterment of the community

I am a Senior living alone and I want to be aware of any criminal activity in my area.

I work for PPD, so I feel I can help contribute to the groups goals

because I see a lot of bad people in our town and we need to be united to overcome this problem

Looking to be informed about concerns in Pueblo and not that I can contribute much but share posts when appropriate

I am a senior living in the Northside area. I walk my dog two times a day and am observant with the desire to decrease the incidents of crime in my neighborhood.

I want to know more about what is going on in Pueblo and speak up to make Pueblo a better place.

Believe in neighborhood watch and think this would be that opportunity to be aware of my surrounding

I am very passionate about helping reduce violence and crime in Pueblo. My husband and I have a non-profit, Clasp Life, “Helping People Keep Their Passion and Independence” and we are Ambassadors with the Greater Pueblo Chamber of Commerce.

Because I’m a single mom who is looking for ways to be notified about things happening and possible changes. I can contribute by being a good neighbor and reporting things I see suspicious.

To better enable my fiends and family to be safe. To keep tabs on what is happening in my hometown.

“If you SEE something , SAY something.” And I wanna know what’s going on within my community .

To be aware of what is going on in my community. to be aware of what is going on in and around my community and to make others aware of what is going on in our community

I would like to know what is going on in my community as much as possible and I already help reduce crime and violence in pueblo daily by being a law abiding citizen.

By reporting news or crime that’s hasn’t already been posted

As a resident of Pueblo my family and neighbors are top priority on safety. Daily with info of estrange occurrences in the area and neighbor

I think it is important to help spread awareness of accurate information in all communities, especially those closest to us.

Making sure family and children are safe. I pray for Pueblo and volunteer with youthshelp make the community better

I love Pueblo and care about our future.to be aware of what is going on in my town to keep my children safe. and help identify individuals.

I am interested in helping our community thrive and get better as a whole

updates in community, notify others of possible dangerswhatever I can do to help!

I am an acova volunteer and also am aware of the defendants aspect of Criminal Justice as well

My family lives here and I love this city. I want it to be safe.
by sharing posts, reporting anything I would know if see a crime or anything out of the normal

I am interested in keeping my kids and their kids safe and informed . They all still live in Pueblo

I want to know what is going on in my area. I would be willing to volunteer to help reduce violence and crime in Pueblo.

I am retired and pay careful attention to anomalies in the neighborhood

I’m a native of Pueblo and a parent so the local crime rate concerns me.

To help my elderly parents and educate them

To stay aware of what is happening within my neighborhood and community. To also post any important issues that happen within my neighborhood for others.

I have children and would like to know what is going on near me

This is the community that I live and work in. I want to make it better and be aware of the dangers around me.

I am always on the look out for bad people I like to know what’s going on and we’re I’m on the east side of town so there is always something

To help the community and law enforcement anyway I can
It is a useful tool to know what is going on and can be used to aid law enforcement

To be vigilant in our neighborhoods

Follow crime trends in Pueblo

Midway Ranches POA neighborhood watch block captain.

I’ve worked at the PD for 36+ years and love this city. I’ll do what I can to help

I’m interesting to be given updates on safety in my surrounding area and to be able to share information I’ve learned about safety concerne

knowing where crime is taking place helps me to stay vigilant

I am a caring honest specail needs parent that just wants the community around me and my child to be safeRetired corrections (35 years) and I want to support the mission of this group by assisting Pueblo county in reducing crime and creating a safer Pueblo county. My wife and 3 kids live in Pueblo west.

bc all the violence and crime has got to stop. its unnecessary and uncalled for

I’m a life long member of Pueblo. I love and support and give back to my community.

Just wanna keep the criminals off the streets by keeping up with the crime and the news from you guys.retired law enforcement who is also now a tribal community member

We care about Pueblo, watching out for our neighbors
By hearing, seeing, Acting, on what going on in pueblo

Hear what’s happening and yes I would contribute to reducing crime anyway I can.

upport the blue line
Invite your friends to join in at our sister group – https://www.facebook.com/groups/PuebloCrimeSafetyGroup/

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