Shortly after the successful Third Annual Isaiah Vialpando Memorial Scholarship Run in Pueblo, organizers announced that they will receive a part of the proceeds from the movie “Mundo,” a film about the life story of this infamous hitman who murdered at least 30 people.

Vialpando, a student and Marachi musician, was mistakenly shot in downtown Pueblo by a gang member in 2017. Just over two years after the incident happened, a man pleaded guilty Wednesday in court to criminal attempt to commit first-degree murder in the Isaiah Vialpando slaying and was sentenced to over 20 years in prison. His fund raised enough at the recent event to already give out 13 scholarships this year.

The Vialpando family is photographed here with actors from the movie, dedicated in part to their son. They announced on June 30th that “Raymundo “Mundo” Mendoza is going to donate 50% of his proceeds on July 7-10, to The Isaiah Vialpando Scholarship Fund. He is the person who honored and dedicated his movie, “Mundo” to Isaiah inviting us to the Premier in California. We are Honored and Humbled of this gesture!”
To support the student scholarships in memory of Vialpando, of “Mundo: From Alterboy to Hitman,” you can also buy DVD’s for $20, signed posters for $20 or you can get both for $30 by contacting the Scholarship Fund at 719-543-8933 or through Facebook –
You can view the official trailer of Mundo: From Alterboy to Hitman here –

Here’s the story, “Mundo would come to serve most of his time in lock down a tactic developed by the San Quentin prison and federal authorities in order to keep him from committing more murders. Pelican Bay SHU (Security Housing Unit), where over 150 of the worst criminal actives call home is such a system that although having secure holding facilities it has not been able to deter, La Eme who still has ultimate control and influence over most street gangs in the Los Angeles area.

The Mexican Mafia has always been set up to operate from behind prison bars allowing for a stream of controlled cash flow from drug sells of heroin, and now cocaine and methaphetamines securing them tens of millions of dollars. The Mexican Mafia, Carnales (Spanish for brothers) have held control for over 30 years prior to Mundo’s joining in the 1970’s.
Mendoza widely known as Mundo eventually came to turn his life around beginning with concurrent sentences of five years to life transference to the Tehachapi Correctional Institution and prison stints at Folsom and San Quentin through his affiliation with the religion of Christianity.
With the encouragement of Mundo Mendoza’s mom, family, friends, followed by frequent visits from ministers, clergymen and their associates he would come to know and have personal contact with his faith under the most trying of circumstances and within a specified radius of the prison’s four walls.

Similar to the Malcolm X story wherein a street wise hustler Malcolm comes to know Islam after experiencing a compelling spiritual awakening, Mendoza taking it a step further, chose not only to put a stop to his endless ring of crimes and murder but also to disclose his most trusted inner circle sources to the FBI and local feds.” (from a review by the San Bernardino newspaper where a premier was held in 2017)

Mendoza wrote the book “Mexican Mafia From Altar Boy to Hitman: the Gang of Gangs,” published in 2012, which is in paperback – 2012. Amazon describes the book as, “Ramon “Mundo” Mendoza gives a firsthand gripping, page-turning reveal of the early years of La Eme.

Mendoza’s motivation for writing, was to get the book into the hands of gang members and inmates in the hope that it might prevent them from following in his footsteps. His intent is to break the negative brainwashing the prison gangs utilize and illuminate the path to redemption.
This book provides an inside look into this criminal world, from street level to organized crime that operates anonymously within our society. This book has become an informative source for prison and street gang officers.
You can read excerpts from the book at this link –

Story compiled by Jenny Paulson – Pueblo Independent

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