Presley Casack’s dream came true when she finally got her license to sell food from her old fashioned white food truck last May. Now she has locals raving about her unique-to-Pueblo, made-from-scratch daily, Fry Bread Tacos and Mexican “Elothe” Street Corn, which are incredibly delicious, and are on our must-try menu items in Pueblo’s growing authentic Mexican food scene.

Turns out, “Presley’s Lunch Box” has come up with a specialty, an all-out Mexican comfort food, with her Fry Bread Tacos, which are the most popular menu item sold from her truck. She makes the perfectly cooked gold-brown Indian-style bread from scratch daily, and generously tops the Indian-style bread with flavorful browned beef taco filling and classic Mexican toppings, including fresh lettuce, tomatoes and cheese (priced at just $4-6).

The Lunch Box’s Mini Street Corn (just $2) is cooked in a classic way. If you haven’t tried it, it’s Mexican street corn roasted and coated with salt, chile powder, butter, cotija, lime juice, and mayonnaise or crema fresca. It’s a treat that perfectly accompanies Presley’s fry bread tacos or can be enjoyed on it’s own, as a Mexican treat.

For desert, be sure to try a Lunch Box menu item called Presley’s Favorite – her Chocolate Strawberry Fry Bread, that’ll set you back just $5, and is large enough for two or more to share. Again she uses her recipe of dough, deep fried until golden brown, then covers it with sweet strawberries and chocolate for her customers to enjoy!

Presley also sells buttered fry bread, tacos, nachos, chicharron (pork rinds) on a stick, corn on the cob with butter, homemade breads and speciality in-season deserts (like fresh banana bread and pumpkin rolls) and sodas.
She’s become a regular downtown on Tuesdays and on the north side on Wednesdays. Her truck can also be found at local festivals and events, but at times she ditches the truck, and, with the assistance of her husband (photographed here) and family members, does special catering.

Her schedule as of June of 2019 (check her Facebook page for updates) is: Wednesdays at Icor, at 317 Main, downtown and on Tuesdays at Neuvue Pharma at 4740 Dillon Drive, on the north side – from 11 am to 2 pm.

You can like Lunch Box at
You can reach Presley Casack at 719-252-5170 or message her through Facebook.

Story by Jenny Paulson / Pueblo Eats / Pueblo Independent

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