Petition to Re-Open Pueblo’s Skate Parks

On behalf of Pueblo’s skateboarders, there’s an online petition to urge Pueblo’s mayor and Colorado’s governor to re-open Pueblo’s skate parks. So far over 100 people have signed the petitioning agreement with the following:

“In light of the golf courses reopening, the reopening of the city’s skate parks should be something to consider next. When a person is skating, the goal is to stay away from other people to avoid collisions. This should help with the concept of social distancing already in place.

“This is important for many reasons. The first is it gives people the ability to exercise in a safe environment. Exercise is important to help improve mental health. In these uncertain times, it is especially important to do something that boosts morale.

“The second is many skaters don’t have the ability to practice their sport at home. A baseball player usually has a lawn they can throw a ball around in, a basketball player usually has a driveway hoop, but a skater requires a larger area where they can work-out. This is another reason why it is easier for a skater to practice social distancing. This is why skate parks should be considered essential during this time.

“There are several members of the community who take pride in keeping up the maintenance of the city’s skate parks, who are committed to making sure they remain a nice place for Pueblo residents. These members of the community would appreciate the chance to use the parks they have fought so hard to ensure stay a valued place in the Pueblo community.”

Note – The parks department taped off the picnic table at the East Side then leaders decided to shut down this model park as well as the one at City Park. One of the persons who helps maintain the East Side skate park is an elderly veteran, who uses a stick/grabber to pick up any trash and make sure things are orderly for skaters. Local skate boarders are known to help as well, making sure they get along, help one another and that there are no disturbances between them or those passing by.

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