K. Anderson in a melodrama

Enjoying a local melodrama is a tradition that goes back for 60 years in the small town of Beulah and now the organizers are localizing it more using the works of local authors. 

This year’s melodrama set for two Friday, Saturday and Sunday performances at Beulah School, July 26-28, and August 2-4. The melodrama “Pole-er Opposies: How Edna Found Her Hero!” was written by 21-year-old Beulah resident, K. Anderson. It’s the second year an original production has been used. 

Anderson’s story is about the struggles of the Duderanch family, including Jed Duderanch, his spy daughter Eddie, and their good friend Doctor Oldham summarized as, “Despite their pleas to the mayor, it seems that the telegraph poles will indeed force the ranch to close, unless Eddie can figure out some way to stop it. With the help from a few unlikely friends, Eddie will have to combat Mr. Badguy and his henchmen and perhaps along the way… find a hero to save the ranch.” 
Organizers are having a casting call to choose people to perform as the hero, heroine, villain, parent, mayor, doctor, child, three teens and two henchmen at 6 pm June 26th at the Beulah School. 

Those who attend can expect singing, music and laughter, in the tradition of old time melodramas, and the audience, as in the day, will be encouraged to participate with boos, cheers and hisses. Musical acts will take place during intermissions, and refreshments will be provided. 

Anderson is a Beulah based fiction writer. She says dreamed of becoming an author since her early childhood, and has been writing just as long. Pole-er Opposites is Anderson’s first melodrama, but not her first published work. 

At a book signing at Rawlings Library

Anderson is also the author of a sci fi series titled “In the Shadow of Fate.” In the future, she hopes to publish several more sci-fi books and series, as well as works in several other genres A photo here shows her at a book signing at the main library in Pueblo last summer. 

The book, which can be purchased from Amazon in a Kindle or paperback version, is summarized as, “Maverick Kane is seven years old when his pod crash-lands on Pocme; an alien planet full of life, but devoid of humans. Unable to get back to his home planet, Mars, Maverick finds himself growing up on the planet Pocme. His adoptive family loves him and treats him as one of their own, but the rest of the world is a different story. Despite Maverick’s struggle to fit in, Pocme quickly becomes home to him. Even with both feet on the ground and a good home, though, the stars still call to him; waiting just out of reach. He’s determined to become a starship captain in the Pocme Science Assembly when he grows up, but the chances of him staying out of trouble until then? Slim.”

Here’s a link to this young author’s book which has raving reviews at https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07DM8YSGL/

A 2017 Beulah melodrama

If you want to be in the melodrama and can’t make it to the June 26th casting, call the host at 719-485-4678 to see if there’s still a chance for your name to be on the marquis. For more information about the event itself, see the Beulah Valley Arts Council on Facebook or call Lori Lara at 719-924-3264.

Graphic from this years melodrama, photo of the author at a book signing and in a play with another woman and of another community melodrama in 2017.

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