Heated Social Media War Led By New Mexico and Colorado Governors Hits State-Wide and Now National News

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By Jenny Paulson – The war between two governors about who has the best chile actually started with a story from our own Pueblo Independent Magazine, picked up by the governor of Colorado Jared Polis who posted on Facebook that “it’s about time” with a link to PuebloMag.com where a stout touted that Whole Foods Market is stocking their shelves with Pueblo Chile, replacing Hatch Chile in Rocky Mountain states excluding New Mexico.

The New Mexico governor Michelle Lujan Grisham tweeted back saying their chile is far superior to Pueblo’s until finally Polis declared war, saying that there should be a “taste-off”competition between the two states in Trinidad, the most southern town in Colorado.

A spokesperson with the Pueblo Chile Growers Association agreed, saying a competitive event could take place in Trinidad or Pueblo during the annual Chile Festival, saying that Pueblo chile would surely win, as it’s the best.
It’s doubtful that New Mexico chile growers will be coming to Pueblo for our state’s huge fall chile event, but the New Mexico governor took the idea from our Colorado governor and, with the New Mexico Chile Association’s support, launched a web page announcing that their state is going to have a Taste-Off to decide what grower in New Mexico grows the best chiles, which she claims is the “best in the world” despite that a Whole Foods spokesperson said Pueblo chile is superior to Hatch.

Here in Pueblo, we don’t think the New Mexico governor should so quickly take off with our governor’s idea of a “taste-off”, localizing it in New Mexico rather than going to official war with an event between the states. Pueblo should now take the “Taste-Off” idea and make it official, based in Pueblo, but expanded to not just include growers, but food trucks, local restaurants and home cook’s versions of “Authentic Pueblo” chile and recipes.
As the sponsor of Authentic Pueblo Eats and Pueblo Food Truck Scene, sister Facebook groups of Pueblo Independent Magazine, now online, we could assist with a Colorado Chile Taste-Off during the annual Pueblo Chile & Frijoles Festival each September, while organizing the industry and collecting recipes and menu items for the showdown throughout the year. Because the official fest charges $1,500 per food truck for example, we suggest a secondary event so they can profit.

Here is the story direct from the New Mexico Chile Growers Association website where they say any farmer from one acre or 500 plus can attend along with comments, tweets and meme’s from various sources about the now official 2019 Colorado and New Mexico Chile War:

“…the Association announced plans for ‘The Great New Mexico Chile Taste-Off,’ to be held October 5, during the heart of this fall’s chile season at a location to be announced,” according to the New Mexico Chile Growers Association website. All New Mexico growers whose chile is available for public purchase are invited to participate in the competition.”
They say, “While Hatch is one of the most recognized chile-growing regions in the state, not everyone is aware that many varieties of the world-famous peppers are grown all around the state of New Mexico.

“There are countless flavors and nuances to New Mexico chile that represent the different growing regions,” said Gene Baca, president of the association, “This competition will give producers the chance to put their chiles in the spotlight and face off with other growers.”
The mainstream media including the Denver Post, Westword, and various Colorado tv stations as well as in New Mexico, have picked up on the 2019 Chile War that started with our Colorado governor’s original link to our www.PuebloMag.com article on Whole Foods switching to Pueblo Chile putting the new online Pueblo Independent Magazine name all over the place.

Since the bickering between governor’s, chile loves have joined in the war, with people from both states blastingout tweets and meme’s, the worst coming from residents of New Mexico who say the Colorado governor is at fault for starting the war:

Tom Udall New Mexico Senator : “If Pueblo chile were any good, it would have been on national shelves before now. If Colorado wants to go chile to chile, no question that New Mexico can bring the heat – Hatch chile is, has always been and will always be the greatest in the world.” and “This isn’t even a question. You think green chile, you think New Mexico— end of debate! “

Sante Fe New Mexican: “Tips for living peacefully in the west: never cheat at cards, never ask someone the size of their spread, never cheat at cards, and never, never, never insult another person’s green Chile. What law did the governor of Colorado break?”

One Colorado: “What say you people of Twitter? Who has the best green chile? @GovMLG thinks it’s #NewMexico, while @GovofCO knows that it’s #Colorado. #copolitics #deathbeforehatch #greatchilewarof2019”

“Meanwhile the war in social media continues How is this even a contest? The phrase “Colorado green chile” makes as much sense as “Colorado cheesesteaks” or “Colorado crab cakes.”

“New Mexico vs Colorado: The Great Green Chile War of 2019#NMTrue”
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