Story by Jenny Paulson – Raw honey, a pure, unfiltered and unpasteurized sweetener has many of the enzymes, antioxidants and other beneficial compounds that makes it not only delicious as a sweetener, but nutritious too, and helps prevent allergies.

Many who move to Pueblo experience allergies for the first time. Because our local honey, made from bees that collect and bring back pollen to their hives is all sourced from local plants, and because seasonal allergies are caused by such plants, eating honey (maybe a spoonful a day) that contains that pollen can possibly combat those allergies.

Shopping local has tremendous environmental benefits, no matter what you’re looking to buy, but in this case when you buy local honey you are helping local businesses and yourself too. The good news for Pueblo area residents, is that there’s a number of places to buy honey.

By supporting local honey producers, you can verify that the honey you’re purchasing is truly raw (according to studies, over 75% of honey from big box stores has had pollen filtered out, and 100% in small packets is robbed of its health powers).

A post at the popular I live in Pueblo West page brought up the subject of “where to buy” local honey and many responded with local resources I’ve listed here:

Pueblo West Community Marketplace has a local honey vendor, Miller’s Bees (photographed here). The market is every Saturday 8-12:30 at Civic Center Drive in Pueblo West.

There is a honey farm of of Baxter rd on the county, Baxter Farms

Vic Boley with Boley’s Bee Haven sells honey, you can message him through FB or call 719-369-7403

Neal Farms on Baxter in Blende sells it

Joe Tomato by the library on Abriendo also sells Neal’s honey

Kari Novak sells it in Pueblo West, you can find her on FB and message her direct

Apple Gibson sells honey from her bees, 719-248-8270

Heritage Acres Market is a small farm in Pueblo West that sells honey from bees they’ve hived and raised as well as bee themed gifts

It’s available at Natural Grocers in North Pueblo

There are also sellers in Penrose, Florence, and Cotopaxi

If you are interested in becoming a beekeeper to make your own honey or for gardening, you can join the Pueblo County Beekeepers Association, which meets monthly and has this FB page or call Rick Martinez, president, 719-242-6214 or Cheryl Garcia, swarm contact, 719-252-2406.

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Photo of honey from Miller’s Bees and of Dru Spinuzzi, a member of the Pueblo County Beekeepers Association with her bee hive and bees.

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