Good News: Clint Johnson, Who Took Flight for Life to Pueblo, Released from Hospital

Story by Jenny Paulson, April 3, 2020 – After a fight for his life at Parkview Medical, where he spent six days in intensive care, Clint Johnson is now back home in Creede, where he is a known outdoorsman. His initial plight in fighting the coronavirus was shared with many hundreds of posts from his Facebook page and from our crime and safety pages/groups, as well as mainstream media sources.

Upon returning home he posted on Facebook, saying he had indeed returned home and is able to finish his treatment and meds outside of the hospital. Johnson was Mineral County’s first and only to date victim of Covid-19, a virus he says he may have picked up from a recent trip to Moab, Utah. He posted:

“I will still be quarantined for awhile but I am definitely in the mend,” he said. “Today has been nice I felt good enough to walk outside and feel the sun for awhile. And watch some tv. From where I was 5 days ago this is nothing short of a miracle for sure. Anyways I just wanted to say thank you to everyone pulling for me, it means there world to me.”

The viral story from his initial post, explained his plight, and in it he said he was sorry that he didn’t take the virus seriously and that he hoped others would learn a lesson from his contracting of the coronavirus when he wasn’t playing it safe and instead traveled.Here’s his post that went viral, posted here again in verbatim with minor corrections:

“Attention Everyone!!! Well people here we are, I was hesitant at first to put this out on Facebook but the more I think about it I think everyone should know I have now been diagnosed with a bad case of the Coronavirus.

“The sad thing is I didn’t take it seriously at first so I honestly have no idea where I could have contracted it at, or who I could have spread it to and for that I am truly sorry. I have been however avoiding people for the last week and staying home until three nights ago and they air flighted me to Pueblo to a Corona ward.

“I’ll try and keep you updated as I get info. I’m actually a little nervous and scared to be honest. They did however start me last night on a treatment that has a 90% success rate so I’m optimistic but it’s still too early to tell.

“I am truly sorry. I’m ashamed of myself for not taking this seriously. I thought it was being blown out of proportion, but it hasn’t. When I arrived here three nights ago, I was the fourth person in this Ward. Last night there was 27 and they’re expecting it to double again today so it is totally a serious real thing and it’s an experience unlike any sickness I’ve ever had.“So please people take warning, protect your families and try and stay home unless you absolutely have to go somewhere. Trust me you don’t want to wind up where I’m at.

I hope you all stay safe and stay well.”

Johnson told Fox that this illness is the sickest he’s ever been. At first he thought he had a cold, but then two days later his symptoms were so bad that couldn’t even move his hands or fingers, so he drove to a nearby hospital and was then was sent to Pueblo by a helicopter.

At Parkview Medical in Pueblo, his symptoms worsened and he became so sick that doctors thought his organs could shut down. They quickly treated him with hydroxycloriquine and zithromax, drugs that improved his condition, to the extend that he could leave the hospital after nearly a week there.

As he stated on Facebook, his own perspective has changed from jokes about coronavirus he regularly posted on Facebook, to serious warnings about the highly contagious virus. Johnson wants other’s to listen to his story, and take the mandated stay at home orders seriously to prevent others from going through a traumatic experience like his own – or possibly even losing their life, as happened to a woman in a nearby hospital bed while he was in Pueblo.

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