Friday COVID-19 Stats and Gov Polis Order for Face Masks at Grocery Stores, Health Care Facilities and Critical Businesses and Operations

April 17, 2020 – As of 4 pm April 17th, health officials reported 9,046 cases in our state and and 391 deaths.

This same date, Governor Jared Polis also signed Executive Order 2020-039, mandating that all employees in critical businesses or critical government functions, as defined in Public Health Order 20-24, who interact in close proximity with either the public or other employees, wear either medical or non-medical face masks as dictated by their job duties.

In addition, employees are required to wear gloves when in contact with customers or goods, if those gloves are provided by an employer.
Face masks may be either medical or non-medical in nature depending on the nature of the employees’ job duties. Professional cloth masks are not required. As long as the nose and mouth are covered by a fabric covering, employees are complying with this order. This order is in effect until May 17th, 2020, unless further extended by Executive Order.

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