Ellie Malouff, born and raised in Pueblo, loves getting lost in books and has been dreaming up ideas for her own books as long as she can remember. So she started writing, and now has published books she says, “pull at the heart and turn on the imagination.”

Her latest book, “Pull At My Heart,” released in early 2019, is a part of her series of international “Love Overseas Series,” this one based in Ireland, a country she travels to as often as she can.

Ellie describes this book, “Julie Rodriguez dreams of traveling the world, so she jumps on the opportunity to transfer to the Ireland office for her job. She takes a chance on renting a room above a pub, but she didn’t bargain on her roommate, Eoghan Murrough, being irresistible. Now she’s just one ride through the Irish countryside on the back of his motorcycle away from crossing the line.”

Click here to read how Julie and Eoghan meet from the first two scenes of the novel:

Amazon reviews of the book are flattering:

“Be still my heart, this story was amazing. Five stars just isn’t sufficient to convey its awesomeness… this book wasn’t just an amazing love story (though it was also that). It was two people’s considerably complex lives unfolding toward a share destiny, and it was beautifully done. I laughed, cried, and shouted at this book. I was seriously on edge as the pages dwindled, trying to trust in Ellie’s capable storytelling that all would be well, but there were several subplots, and the main romance, all to be resolved and … well, I should’ve just trusted Ellie. She had it masterfully in hand, and I was not disappointed. I’m seriously thinking about starting an Ellie Malouff fan club.”

“This book was a fun adventure. The heroine is moving from California to Ireland for a job. Who doesn’t love Ireland as a setting? I love to travel. Give books that take me to different destinations. There is culture and language thrown in. I love the feeling of learning a little about a different place. The heroine likes to work hard, but enjoy her life. She wishes to travel and loves photography. She was easy to relate to. The hero is the rock of his family. He owns a local pub and loves to cook. Who doesn’t love a man that can cook? He is sweet and swoon worthy, but also has struggles that make him real. If you’re looking for a quick trip to Ireland, look no more.”

“I actually read Pull at My Heart a few weeks ago. I inhaled this book in like two days which is not an easy feat in my bananas life. But I could not put it down. The title is so damn fitting. Eoghan and Julie pulled at my heart like no other. They freaking yanked it out of my chest. I wanted to write a review as soon as I finished reading but I couldn’t find the words that would do this book justice. The imagery was so vivid, I felt like I was watching a movie. I could see every scene, feel every emotion, every word. I ate it all up. I was fully invested in all of the characters—I just wanted to learn more. I wanted to be their friend. Ellie Malouff had me yearning to go to Cork and to drink all the Guinness or a Murphey’s while dancing with Ruth at the pub.”

Other short stories and books written by Ellie, with her own descriptions, include:

BETWEEN THE WAVES – Life for former pro-surfer Jake Garrant moves pretty slow in the small town of Manalua, Hawaii until one day a mysterious black haired beauty in a Cubs cap asks for surfing lessons. He commits to six lessons and does his best to keep it professional, but he can’t help falling for a woman named Audrey Logan. As each lesson goes by, the heat between them grows and they give into their desires, until one day they’re forced to face the ultimate riptide.

BE WHAT LOVE IS – When Cara Montgomery inherits a Pemberley worthy English estate, she doesn’t bargain on spending the summer fighting and flirting with co-beneficiary Reid Lewis. Isolated in a Somerset mansion has its perks, as well as its troubles, for these two hot-tempered lovers.

THE EXCEPTION – THE LOVE OVERSEAS SHORT – On a scale of my landlord, Edgar, who has a huge hairy mole on his face to the blessedly handsome Charlie Hunnam…well you can guess which end of the spectrum the smoking hot bartender fell on. Blond hair. Chiseled jaw. Arms. Arms. Arms. But it was the intensity in his gaze that feckin’ floored me. He saw me, and I don’t know why something that should be so ordinary was so exceptional.

RIDING OUT THE STORMBomb cyclone. That’s what they’ve been calling it on the news. I’m a naturally skeptical person and thought, typical Colorado meteorologists are overblowing this storm. I should have listened because now I’m trapped in a Target for the night with a hockey stud that’s a relentless flirt and undeniable player. The trouble is, with nowhere to go and nothing to do…I’m falling for his game.

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You can purchase the Kindle or paperback version of her book “Pull At My Heart” through Amazon – as well as her other books.

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