Story by Jenny Paulson – Many anxiously awaited the opening of the Pueblo Riverwalk’s newest upscale restaurant, 1129 Spirits & Eatery, which has been posting mouth watering photos of their unique menu items and drinks on Facebook, but what some don’t know, is how the restaurant got it’s name.

The group of siblings, opening the restaurant chose the name 1129, for 11-29, the birthday of their beloved son and relative, Jordan Munoz, who himself loved having a great meal and a cold one with friends and family – but had his life cut short in a motorcycle accident in 2016. Jordan’s close-knit family now wants to share their family’s love of food, cocktails and beer with the community, using the restaurant’s name, as a subtle way of celebrating his life and their own.

The life of Jordan Munoz, 11/29/90-06/11/16, ended with a somber celebration in June of 2016, that included hundreds of friends and family members, with a live bag pipe player and shamrock theme, representing his love of music and entertainment.

Jennifer Priest, Jordan’s mother, and a long time employee of Applebees, helped the family choose menu items and name 1129 Spirits & Eatery. After her son’s death, she launched a campaign “Look Twice, Save a Life,” both to try to find answers about who witnesses say caused her son’s the wreck, and to make the public more aware of motorcycle safety.

Through her “Look Twice, Save a Life” page on Facebook page, a billboard family posted in his memory near the exit of the accident, Priest has championed the cause – and now her family is taking the expression of their loss to a new level, setting up a restaurant to celebrate what Jordan especially loved – friends, family, food and entertainment.
In writing about Jordan, his mother said he was so outgoing and was a “stranger to no one,” and now even the many strangers he didn’t even know, can pause at this new restaurant and pub to together enjoy special celebratory moments in life, which for any of us, can be cut short at any time.

Jordan was just 25 at the time of his death. He was in an accident on June 10th at 9 pm at I-25 and the 6th Street exit, the cause of which, remains unsolved. He had just left the job he enjoyed, and where he worked out at, Planet Fitness. Another drive is said to have cut off his motorcycle, causing the wreck.

He had graduated from the fire science academy, went to school for Emergency Management Training and was pursuing a nursing degree. Because of his severe brain damage, he was taken off life support on June 11th. He was one of four children, with a long line of relatives.

Although Jennifer still regrets that witnesses to whoever cut her son off weren’t able to provide more information to solve who may have caused his son’s accident, she and his family members continues her mission to help educate the public to help prevent future motorcycle accidents.

“Please remember to drive carefully and always look twice and be aware of your surroundings,” said Priest. “You could be a person who cost someone their life because of careless driving or the person or the person who was always aware of their surroundings and took the extra second to look twice, and ultimately save a life.”

This story is written in tribute to Jordan Munoz (and we’ll have more articles about the restaurant itself and their food/drink items as they launch), and in condolences to a family members, who, although sad because of their loss of a fine young man, are reminding us, through the opening of a great restaurant in Pueblo, to celebrate the simple enjoyable things in life – including family, friends, food and entertainment.

Let’s all head to support this place, and have a cold one in tribute to LIFE – just remember though, “Look Twice, Save a Life” and don’t drink and drive, designate.

Check out their menu at – https://www.1129spiritseatery.com
Follow them on FB – https://www.facebook.com/1129SpiritsEatery/

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Photos of the new restaurant, Jordan Munoz and his mother, Jordan Munoz, him with friends (to the left), the bagpipe at his memorial

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